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On my first visit I got Shellac taken off and a new set on. It was the best I have ever had-often they claim two weeks but they look a bit ropey after the first week. However these lasted the full 2 weeks, and still looked great until the very end.

Barbara is fantastic. She's warm and friendly and really goes out of her way to make her clients happy. She is also very knowledgeable about her products. I showed her a photo of some nails I'd seen on the internet and was able to replicate the ombre design perfectly. They look beautiful.

I only had my nails re-done by Barbara yesterday, but looking forward already to my next appointment as it's like being a kid in a toyshop with all the pretty colours, and designs on offer!


The place is very cosy and homy , very clean and the supplies of varnishes and colour is amazing! I spent half an hour to choose the right shade for how many choices i had!
Barbara is very professional and you can see has many years of experience, my feet and hands are back to new and the glitter gel i choose is amazing! I' ll come back for sure!


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